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Peter Studner has created and cultivated a cutting edge program, which redefines the term "Job Search." (ME)

This program is the platinum parachute every executive should pack. Thanks for everything. (PC)

With your help and by following the program, I received my first offer in 8 weeks, my second offer (my ideal job) in less than 10 weeks. (GS)

...true professionals. Very concerned with progress. Always willing to provide support...staff highly efficient. (BM)

JOB LOSS IS NOT THE END! It is a great opportunity!

As career transition specialists, since 1989 we have helped more than 26,000 people who have been forced to find a new career, business or job into exciting new positions.

Not to be confused with recruiters, we are part of a leaving employee’s severance package, provided by his/her company. We take separated employees and assess what they would like to do, the availability of such work and then work hand-in-hand with them to achieve their goals!

Why do companies use us as part of a leaving employee’s severance package?

  • Outplacement is a more dignified and efficient benefit that helps ease someone out of an organization.
  • Less chance for ensuing litigation. Outplacement reduces the terminated employee’s anger.
  • Morale of remaining employees improves.
  • There is reduced stress on management.
  • We are accountable to the company with written status reports twice a month, always keeping candidate data confidential.
  • The company has a better reputation in the workforce.
  • Lower costs. Quicker insertion of the employee back into the work force.
  • Verifiable references. We have former clients you can talk with about how our services changed their lives.  

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Why do leaving employees love our services?

  • Less shock because qualified help is available when it is most needed.
  • Highly experienced, savvy counselors, our counselors have successfully worked with thousands of candidates.
  • Assistance on how to organize the next phase of a career path right at the beginning and beyond.
  • Personalized campaigns to search firms.
  • Databases of companies and recruiters are continually updated.
  • Faster action in terms of getting into the job market, which usually results in reduced job search time.
  • Less stress and anxiety. Counseling is provided through every phase of the job search campaign. The candidate is never alone in his or her search.
  • A chance for a higher salary. Many outplaced candidates win jobs with greater earnings.
  • Support with our job development efforts.
  • Lifetime support.

Our training and counseling provide state-of-the-art skills in self-marketing that will last a lifetime. The most qualified people do not always get the best jobs, but outstanding candidates always get the best offers.

Our mission:
make outstanding candidates.

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