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Series 4113 Number 7 - Maximizing your resume*


Here is an item you can do which will greatly enhance your resume as you move through your career. Keep a diary of all your achievements. It is amazing how fast candidates forget what they did during their last job and especially prior positions when they sit down to write or update an old resume. Since skills are your most important asset and accomplishments demonstrate those skills, it is important that you have as many accomplishments in your resume to demonstrate your skills. Remember, great resumes do not tell people what you do; they tell people what you have done. Don’t let your accomplishments be lost for the lack of keeping records.

Here’s an easy plan of action:

1. If you do creative work, keep a folder of samples of what you have done. Of course, exclude anything that is confidential to your company.

2. Keep a diary where you note in detail what you did for each of your accomplishments. Perhaps you solved a problem, created something, saved money, increased profits, launched a new product or service, purchased something, sold products, helped a customer or another employee, did something unique, set a new record, invented and/or improved a system…

3. Be sure to include any metrics like money you saved, time reduced, percentage improvements… any data that makes your accomplishment more factual.

4. Be sure to include which of your fellow employees at that time knew what you did and can attest that you really did it. Put down their contact information against the time that you might need them to be a reference. Having a reference that can verify your accomplishment gives it credibility.

5. Include in your company file copies of any certificates for special training you received, your performance reviews and contact information about any people you may want to reach in the future (vendors, customers, peers, suppliers, teachers).

If you do the above on a continuous basis, when it comes time to write or update your resume, you can be sure it will be your best ever.

  • For more on accomplishments and how to write killer resumes, see Super Job Search Chapters 3 and 4.


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