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Series 4113 Number 6 - Thank you *

Thank you.

We were all brought up to say thank you when someone does something nice for us. In job search, the words “thank you” seems to be forgotten. I am amazed at how many opportunities are lost by candidates forgetting to write a letter, note or e-mail thanking the people they meet for their help and/or advice along the way.

I recall a specific instance where a thank you letter went a long way. A candidate, new to Los Angeles, was looking to meet people as part of his job search. Knowing only two retired people when he arrived in Los Angeles, his quest was much tougher than he originally thought. However, he persisted and used every means at meeting people. When he had no appointments, he would attend public get togethers like Town Hall meetings. There, he would be guaranteed to meet at least two people who sat on each side of him at the event’s luncheons. He had the good habit of writing thank you notes for each of his meetings. Well, one Thursday at a Town Hall meeting, he met a retired executive who listened with interest about his background, experience and job-search objectives.  That evening, the candidate sent the man a letter thanking him for his interest. Two days later, the candidate received a copy of a letter that was sent out to 15 of the man’s acquaintances recommending the candidate and encouraging each to meet with him as part of his networking. That introduction facilitated the candidate meeting more than 350 people in three months and finally, two job offers. I know how important networking was to that candidate. It was me.

If you are meeting people on referral, research or direct interviews and miss out on sending thank you notes, you are working against your career transition.

Here are some tips about sending thank you letters as part of your search.

  1. Do not write a boiler plate letter; rather make the letter a continuation of your conversation with that person.
  2. Be sincere in your thanks; don’t over do it.
  3. If you can be of service to that person, you might mention that you will be keeping your eye open for his particular needs.
  4. If he referred you to someone, indicate thanks for the introduction and later follow up again with the outcome of your meeting.
  5. Be sure to spell check the letter and make it presentable.

Remember, when your thank you message is received, it is like having another encounter with that person and opens the way for even more referrals.

  • For more on this subject, consult Super Job Search for sample letters, pages 285 - 300.

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