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Peter's Blog; Job Search and all that Jazz
Series 4113 Number 4 Fair-Weather Friends *

When you are actually in a job, it is easy to think of all the people that you have been in contact with in your work and imagine the bounteous kind of help you would have should something happen to that job.  Not so surprisingly, the moment you are out of your position, this number can diminish quickly. As purchasing agent, salesperson or vice president of a bank, or whatever post you held, many people appeared to be your friend and were solicitous of your advice and perhaps even depended on you for their business. You probably thought of these people immediately and put them high on your list for networking.

You will find, as practically all candidates do, that this list can be divided into two. There are the fair-weather friends, who would do anything for you when you were vice president and who will be now suddenly very hard to reach. You can not depend much on their help.

On the positive side, there are the people who will rally to help you in whatever way they can. These are your real friends, the ones who will be remembered long after you are resettled in your new position. You should expect some disappointments in your network list and it is just as well to know it now, before you get started.  

One final tip: when someone does help you with your search, do not forget him. One day when he is in need, you must be the friend he can count on when his time comes up!